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    ● Large Model Technology, Optimization, and Application

    This field includes the development, transfer and application of large-scale deep learning models, such as innovation models, optimization technologies used for training algorithms, learning richer feature representations, and applications in practice.

    ● Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

    This field concentrates on advancing image processing techniques, encompassing tasks like image segmentation, enhancement, denoising, and recognition for different fields such as medical, marine and so on.

    ● Big Data and Knowledge Graph

    The theme lies on mining and virtualizing vast data, coupled with leveraging knowledge graph structures. This involves exploring techniques such as data mining, visualization, blockchain, distributed computing, and cloud computing.

    ● Cyber Security and Analysis

    This domain encompasses network analysis and security measures. It addresses areas such as network security, cryptography, performance analysis, and optimization, crucial in safeguarding digital infrastructure.

    ● Robotic Technology and Computer Vision

    This theme revolves around advancing robotic systems and computer vision technology. It includes topics like visual systems, approaches, and the integration of vision with robotic control, vital for applications in marine robotics and beyond.

    ● Internet of Things and Intelligent System

    This field focuses on the integration of intelligent systems with the Internet of Things (IoT), spanning smart cities, industrial control, intelligent structural mechanics, smart education, agriculture, and healthcare. It encompasses wireless sensor networks, IoT networking, and digital health solutions, facilitating the development of interconnected intelligent ecosystems.

    ● Submission Instructions

    ICCD-2024 is a multidisciplinary forum, including all computing and computational sciences areas.

    Papers must be submitted electronically to Easychair system in PDF format.

    US-Letter size (not A4), the paper should not exceds 6 pages.

    Please formatvour submission using the IEEE templates found at https://www.ieee.org/conferences/publishing/templates.html.

    Papers can be submitted to the Easychair system: easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ieeeiccd2024